30 May 2017

IRR is proud to announce the newest member of the family, SKULLKRUSHER!

Skullkrusher is an industrial metal powerhouse and is somewhat of a coming home for Chip and Mike in that it is a return to the heavy, driving metal roots that they came from. The creation of Skullkrusher is an interesting story. One day Chip called Mike and said, “Hey, I have a song that I want you to do vocals on. Can I come by and we can lay them down?” After recording the vocals for what would become the title track of Skullkrusher’s debut album, “Let There Be Violence”, Chip turned to Mike and the following exchange was had:
Chip: OK, I’ll be here next week with the next track.
Mike: What next track?
Chip: The next track on the album.
Mike: What album?
Chip: Skullkrusher’s debut.
Mike: Who the fuck is skull crusher?
Chip: The band that you are now the lead singer for.
Mike: Oh. OK. Cool, I’ll see you next week.
Chip: Oh, and it’s Skullkrusher… one word, with a k…
Mike: Of course it is! [laughs]
So, after spending a couple of months writing and recording, there was one song left and Chip left saying “See you next week with our closing ballad!” Yes, he was serious. The thought was ‘let’s mimic the old metal albums and put one slower heavy “ballad” for the closing track’.
Tragedy struck before we could lay down even the first note of the next song. We got word that a very close friend of ours, George Fucking Orme had lost his battle with cancer after a short but heroic fight. George was the bassist in our first band back in high school. He has collaborated with us on several IRR projects. He was a giant among men and he inspired the best in everyone whose life was touched by him. The sadness, anger and pure emotion of this time forged a new path for this last song. In place of a ballad was the anthem, Payback. This song pays tribute to a mountain of a man, to an amazing music fan and most importantly, our friend, George. It’s fitting that Skullkrusher’s website went live and Let there Be Violence was offically released on what would have been George’s 49th birthday, 28May17. Godspeed, brother.