Please take a moment to read these frequently asked questions before you contact us, thanks!

Q. What is your demo submission policy?
A. First and foremost, we apologize to all of the talented folks out there but Industrial Revolution Records was founded only for our own projects and we are not interested in signing other artists or bands at this time.With that said, we are always interested in exchanging music and ideas with like-minded folks and would be glad to listen to anything you send us. We often collaborate with other artists and musicians to remix songs, write lyrics, do additional vocals or music, etc. So please feel free to approach us with any ideas you might have!If you would like to share your music with us, we prefer links to bandcamp, soundcloud, etc. E-mail attachments will not be opened, and your email will be deleted automatically. We do listen to everything that is sent and will get back to you with feedback as soon as is possible, but please understand that we get have a lot of material to go through in addition to making our own music so if it takes a bit for us to get back to you, don’t take it personally. =)

Q. I’m a graphic artist, can I get some of my work used on your site/ CDs?
A. We are always on the lookout for incredible art to pair up with our musical talent. Please contact us using the form below.

Q. I have a store and am interested in selling your music, who do I contact to set up an account to carry the releases you distribute?
A. Please contact us using the form below.

Q. I am interested in licensing songs from one of your artists, who do I contact?
A. Please contact us using the form below.